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We are exporters of Cocoa beans, origin from Ecuador, (Canton of Santo Domingo) City of Santo Domingo de los Coloraos. Our cocoa is high quality. Whithin different varieties, the CCN 51 variety is a type of cacao grown in Ecuador. It is a specie created in its own territory, the CCN51, which the Agronomist Homero Castro obtained in 1965 from the crossing of other varieties, according to the National Association of Exporters. of Cocoa. 

However, when mixed with the other varieties, a cocoa of excellent quality is obtained, the CCN51 is a more rough and greasy species, which is why it is used to make butter and even cosmetic.


1. Type: cocoa beans 

2. Type of processing: sun drying 

 3. Maturity: mature 

4. Amount of grain: from 91 to 99 grains / Kg. 

 High quality dry cocoa beans (grain with the strongest flavour) Raw cocoa powder grains 

 a) Moisture: 2.5% - 3.2% maximum 

b) Foreign matter: 0.69% maximum 

c) Amount of grain: from 91 to 99 grains / Kg. 

d) Broken / defective grain: 0.7% - 0.8% maximum



Presented our product, we have Logistics to transport anywhere in the world, in a container of 20 or 40 feet. We have the capacity to servile the necessary amount. We do not serve less than 10,000 Kilos, it would be a 20 foot container.


Theobroma cacao. National: It has a characteristic floral flavour and aroma called "Arriba". It is an essential element in the production of chocolate in the international market.


Ecuador Plantation:

 The characteristics of their grains and cobs favour a high industrial performance.



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